According to the development orientation of each business and combining with the actual situation, we have determined the "131" business segment, which is one core business (High-end equipment ), three pillar business (smart multimedia and lighting, software and intelligent application, satellite navigation), and one key business (investment and others). During the "14th five-year plan" period, we will focus on the "1 + 3" business sectors to cultivate and build a new round of core pillar industries. We will vigorously promote the development of high-end equipment, ATC and stereo business, consolidate and maintain or upgrade triple play and optical device services, and vigorously cultivate satellite navigation, software and intelligent application services. At the same time, we will vigorously build up high-end equipment big data center, promote the R & D and industrialization of 100G/ 400G high-speed optical devices and high-end optical modules for 5G bearer network, and industrialize 200,000 5G CPE equipment annually.
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