The development of Jiuzhou for more than half a century is a history of innovation-driven leapfrog development. It breeds and nourishes Jiuzhou culture, which is constantly passing on from generation to generation.
Core Values
Striving for the achievement of customers
Creating happiness for employees,value for shareholders and wealth for society
Hard work and dedication to a rich country
Innovative, globalized and sustainable
Code of Conduct for Employees
Work hard to pursue performance
Code of Conduct for Cadres
Be Responsible, Innovative and Pursuit of Excellence
Fulfill Our Social Responsibility as a State-owned Enterprise
As a large high-tech state-owned enterprise, we always adhere to social responsibility as our duty, focus on the people's livelihood, and actively undertake our social responsibility in disaster relief and poverty alleviation. Adhering to the public welfare activities of contributing to society, repaying society and building a harmonious society, we have won a wide praise from all walks of life.
Responsibility Shown in the Epidemic Situation

Since the COVID-19 epidemic , we have taken on social responsibility. In the critical period of the epidemic, we arranged for the novel epodemic emergency command in Sichuan Province to use and maintain the LEO display screen free of charge, provided urgent support for the anti-epidemic emergency broadcasting system in Changyang County, Yichang City, Hubei Province, and donated 2 million yuan and 100,000  masks to Mianyang City. We have urgently developed a "Major Epidemic Intelligent Prevention and Control Platform for Major Epidemic" , including in the list of information products and services during the epidemic period in Mianyang which are free of charge .We have built special line for transportation of emergency epidemic prevention materials based on the “Beidou +”logistics service platform to ensure the transportation of epidemic prevention materials, that highlight our responsibility as a state-owned enterprise.

According to the actual situation of the enterprise, we have carried out epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner. We have established and improved  internal control process, arranged special personnel to take on epidemic prevention and control , such as massive dragnet screening of physical condition and activity tracks of every employee, and daily disinfections ofkey parts and areas.On the basis of the development of the epidemic and the requirements of overall prevention and control, we have constantly improved and optimized the management, and made the prevention and control measures more accurate and in place.

On February 10, we fully returned to work, with a return rate of 100% of our 36 subsidiaries in Mianyang and a return rate of 98.3% of employees in these enterprises, contributing to enterprise development and local economic construction.

Building a Warm Home for Employees

We have thoroughly implemented the status of employees as owners. We have guided labor union to organize democratic appraisal of middle-level management personneland above, held 7 joint meetings of representatives and leaders of employees totally to deliberate the company's strategic planning, annual work plan, comprehensive deep reform measures and other matters related to employees' interests, which further implemented employees' rights and interests, and built consensus of development . We have actively carried out various caring activities. We helped 61 employees in difficulties, consoled 171 hospitalized employees, 16 model workers and advanced figures, provided funds of education assistance and consolation to 19 children of difficult employees, and organized outstanding staff and employees working in toxic and harmful posts to recuperate in a centralized way, making our employees feel the concern of the company. . "1958 Jiuzhou Team" participated in the recording of "Happiness Bill" program, which was broadcast on CCTV Variety channel.

Throughout the year, we purchased and distributed fruits, tea, edible oil, rice and other welfare products during New Year's Day, Spring Festival, summer, Mid-Autumn Festival and other periods for more than 8000 employees in Mianyang. We organized pacesetters, early retired employees in 2018 and qualified employees in toxic and harmful posts to go to Lugu Lake, Xichang and other places for centralized treatment and recuperation. Pension subsidies were provided to 75 dead employees and 62 immediate relatives of the deceased employees who met with the conditions, and consolation work was carried out for the deceased employees. 

In the whole year, 1836 female employees were organized to have special physical examination, 2378 insurance policies were bought to add more proection to them, more than 70000 yuan was paid for the mutual insurance of serious illness for female employees; over 1000 employees were organized to study the guidance manual on promoting gender equality in the workplace. We helped the children of 19 employees with difficulties and paid educational aid and consolation money. We also organized the first assembly workshop assembly class as "Mianyang Women's Civilized Post", and applied for the transformer class of Sichuan Hushan Electrical Co., Ltd. as the "Provincial May 1 Female Pacesetter Post"; We organized two friendship activities for single young employees; purchased and supplemented the related hardware equipment and facilities for the "Mummy House"for pregnant employees and the union’s dance rehearsal room.

Volunteer Service

We will promote the normalization and institutionalization of voluntary service, extensively carry out voluntary service activities such as caring for the empty-nest old people and the elderly in nursing homes, caring for left-behind children, and children in welfare homes, and rescuing stray animals. We had organized young volunteers to participate in the maintenance of household appliances in Zhiping Road community, trees planting in Lianghe Township, and the donation of materials with value of 100,000 yuan to the registered poor households in Hongyuan County and 300 mobile phones in Youxian district of Mianyang. There were nearly 2000 people participating in voluntary service throughout the year.

Poverty Alleviation

We are conscientiously fulfilling our social responsibility, carrying out solidly poverty alleviation work. In 2019, our fixed-point assistances wereLianghe villagein Daxin Township, Zizhang County, Lianhuan villagein Shuangsheng Town, Santai County, and Zhiping community, Youxian district. Infrastructure projects such as square greening, canopy installation, garbage pool construction, and drinking water well drilling were successfully completed in poverty-stricken villages. Power lines, lighting equipment, quilts, blankets and other materials were donated successively, with a total investment of more than 200,000 yuan.The annual poverty alleviation task was successfully completed, and won the praise of the poor areas and poor households.

Help Upstream Enterprises Return to Work

In the face of the impact of the international epidemic situation, we have taken multiple measures to solve our own difficulties and blocking points. At the same time, we have helped the upstream enterprises to return to work and production, create an ecosystem of supply chain , and strive to achieve business objectives and tasks. For domestic suppliers, we also take the reputation of state-owned enterprises as guarantee to carry out special loans for supply chain with financial institutions to solve the financing difficulties of upstream small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). At present, we have helped more than 30 upstream SMEs to raise more than 90 million yuan.

Strengthen Security
Pay Attention to Occupational Health

Through the implementation of the whole staff safety production responsibility system, promoting the grid-based management of safety, straightening out system and process, carrying out publicity and inculcation, highlighting the investigation and treatment of hidden danger , the annual supervision and audit of ES system and other important work, we have completed the annual work target: no fatal accidents in production safety, no serious injury accidents, no occupational diseases and poisoning accidents, no environmental pollution accident, the frequency of minor injury accident is less than 2%, which provides a strong guarantee for the reform and development of the company. In 2019, we invested 6.63 million yuan in safety production. The effective investment of safety funds has provided a strong guarantee for the management of hidden danger and the occupational health and safety of employees, and improved the ability of accident prevention.

Actively Promote the Decomposition of Safety
At the beginning of 2019, we signed the Responsibility Statement of Safety Production and Environmental Protection Objectives with the first responsible person of each unit and industrial companies, and signed the responsibility statement of safety and environmental protection objectives to the secondary departments, teams and individuals according to the principle of "hierarchical management and step-by-step responsibility". In July, according to the new organizational structure and functional responsibilities, the first responsible person of each unit was again organized to sign the Responsibility Agreement for safety Production and Environmental Protection Objectives in the Second Half of 2019, which was signed step by step to ensure that the responsibility was not left blank.
Strengthen Publicity, Education and Training
We have been strengthening education, publicity and training of safety, and carried out multi-leveled, targeted safety trainings with many institutions. We have taken pre-job safety training and education for 155 new employees , strictly implemented the system of employment with certificates for 342 special operation personnel. At present, 44 new certificates have been obtained , 24 certificates have been reviewed, and the certificate-holding rate of special operation personnel remained 100%. In addition, we have organized radiation workers to participate in radiation safety and protection training and assess the situation of qualified work with certificate. We have invited professional training institutions to carry out safety management training for more than 40 leaders of the company, leaders of key departments and full-time and part-time safety personnel, and all of them have obtained training certificates. We have invited experts from system audit team to the company for ISO 14001 standard training, and 29 personnel have obtained the internal auditor certificate of environmental management system.
Enhance Safety Inspection
We have carried out centralized investigation and treatment of potential accidents to comprehensively prevent production safety accidents. In 2019, there were a total of 120 potential problems identified, and 120 safety hazard rectification notices issued, with the completion rate of hidden danger rectification of 100%.
Concentration on Labor Protection
We have entrusted a qualified occupational health technical service agency to detect 423 sites involving noise, microwave radiation, dust, toxic and harmful gases and other occupational hazards in the company, and have the detection results of hazardous factors publicized on the operation site, and organized a total of 419 workers exposed to occupational hazards to undergo occupational health examination (including before, during and after the post), and established and improved occupational health monitoring files. Combined with the actual situation of occupational hazards prevention and control of the company, we have provided protective articles meeting the requirements of national standards for the employees, and urged the operators to wear them correctly by means of daily, comprehensive and special inspection.
Focus on Environmental Protection
Build Clean Waters and Green Mountains

"Three Simultaneities" for Construction Projects

The relevant national laws and regulations and the new requirements of "Three Simultaneities" for projects have be conscientiously implemented in the process of project design, construction and use, so as to ensure the intrinsic safety.

Supervision and Audit of ES System

According to the organization structure and functions and responsibilities formed by the deepening reform, we have revised and released the management manual and procedure documents of the company's environment, occupational health and safety management system. We have organized workshop process technicians and safety management personnel to review the identification and evaluation of environmental factors and hazard sources, and determined 80 important environmental factors and 116 important hazard sources at company level. In addition, we have collected and updated the applicable laws and regulations of the company, and updated 17 newly issued, implemented or revised laws, regulations and standards. We have organized to carry out compliance evaluation of our production and operation activities with the requirements of laws, regulations and standards and relevant systems of the company from three aspects of safety, occupational health and environmental protection, which conclusion is coincident. In October, we have successfully obtained the ES system supervision and audit certificate and the new version of occupational health and safety management system certification.

Environmental Protection

We have completed environmental testing and soil monitoring to ensure that the company's waste water, waste gas and other pollutants were discharged up to the relevant standards, and carried out 10 times of company level environmental inspections for the control of important environmental factors, and 7 rectification notices were issued, with the rectification completion rate of 100%. We have also completed the environmental protection acceptance of radiation equipment, obtained the radiation safety license, managed and controlled the whole process of hazardous waste, including generation, transfer and temporary storage, disposed 69.65 tons of hazardous waste throughout the year. We have alsocompleted the environmental statistics of the 13th five year and put it on record in the Bureau of Ecology and Evnironment of Mianyang.

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