Building a Warm Home for Employees

We have thoroughly implemented the status of employees as owners. We have guided labor union to organize democratic appraisal of middle-level management personneland above, held 7 joint meetings of representatives and leaders of employees totally to deliberate the company's strategic planning, annual work plan, comprehensive deep reform measures and other matters related to employees' interests, which further implemented employees' rights and interests, and built consensus of development . We have actively carried out various caring activities. We helped 61 employees in difficulties, consoled 171 hospitalized employees, 16 model workers and advanced figures, provided funds of education assistance and consolation to 19 children of difficult employees, and organized outstanding staff and employees working in toxic and harmful posts to recuperate in a centralized way, making our employees feel the concern of the company. . "1958 Jiuzhou Team" participated in the recording of "Happiness Bill" program, which was broadcast on CCTV Variety channel.

Throughout the year, we purchased and distributed fruits, tea, edible oil, rice and other welfare products during New Year's Day, Spring Festival, summer, Mid-Autumn Festival and other periods for more than 8000 employees in Mianyang. We organized pacesetters, early retired employees in 2018 and qualified employees in toxic and harmful posts to go to Lugu Lake, Xichang and other places for centralized treatment and recuperation. Pension subsidies were provided to 75 dead employees and 62 immediate relatives of the deceased employees who met with the conditions, and consolation work was carried out for the deceased employees. 

In the whole year, 1836 female employees were organized to have special physical examination, 2378 insurance policies were bought to add more proection to them, more than 70000 yuan was paid for the mutual insurance of serious illness for female employees; over 1000 employees were organized to study the guidance manual on promoting gender equality in the workplace. We helped the children of 19 employees with difficulties and paid educational aid and consolation money. We also organized the first assembly workshop assembly class as "Mianyang Women's Civilized Post", and applied for the transformer class of Sichuan Hushan Electrical Co., Ltd. as the "Provincial May 1 Female Pacesetter Post"; We organized two friendship activities for single young employees; purchased and supplemented the related hardware equipment and facilities for the "Mummy House"for pregnant employees and the union’s dance rehearsal room.

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