About Jiuzhou
Sichuan Jiuzhou Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a headquarters-based corporation which is formed by business division under our comprehensive deepening reform promotion and internal asset restructuring implement , holding a series of subsidiaries including Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd. The headquarter is specializing in industry investment, management and service empowerment. It is a new force for Jiuzhou to establish a new operating management system and promote the development of new industry-finance interactive development.
Industrial Development

As a large-scale high-tech enterprise group, we have always focused on the national strategic emerging industries. We have formed a "131" industrial structure with high-end equipment business as the "one (1)" core, intelligent multimedia and lighting, software and intelligent application and satellite navigation business as the "three (3)" pillar industries, and investment business as the "one (1)" focus. We are one of China's top 100 electronic and information enterprises, and one of the top 100 enterprises of China's software and information technology services.


We have always been adhering to the innovation-driven development strategy, and have built a technological innovation system with "National Enterprise Technology Center" and "Postdoctoral Research Workstation" as the core. There are 5 R & D centers, 3 national innovation platforms, 20 provincial innovation platforms and 7 joint laboratories. We have more than 6500 professional and technical talents, and 65 industry experts of national, provincial and ministerial level. We have undertaken more than 150 national major scientific and technological projects. There are a number of major scientific and technological achievements that have won the Special Grade and the first prize of National Scientific Progress Award.

Various types professionals
More than 850 Masters and Doctors
industry experts of national, provincial and ministerial level (including 13 experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council)
National innovation platform
R & D Center
More than 150 national major science and technology projects
Future Goals

In the future, We will uphold the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, keep promoting reforming and innovation, improving quality and efficiency, developing "131" business, insist on reforming, innovation and high-quality development, and unswervingly move forward to the "351" goal. By 2025, we strive to achieve 50 billion yuan of operating revenue and 1.5 billion yuan of total profit, become a model of innovation-driven development and set an example of high-quality development of state-owned enterprises, and move forward to our vision of "Innovative, globalized and sustainable".

Jiuzhou Tenet

Creating happiness for employees, value for shareholders and wealth for society

To create happiness for employees is our solemn commitment. Our development depends on employees and for them as well. We are striving to help employees realize personal value in the development of the enterprise, let the development achievements benefit employees and their families, and make them working here become a pride and glory.

To create value for shareholders is our unremitting pursuit. We should be highly responsible for the shareholders, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the shareholders, continuously improve the management level and profitability of modern enterprises, and make the enterprises stronger, better and bigger, so as to create more returns for the shareholders.

To create wealth for society is our lofty responsibility. To create material wealth for the society and to maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets is the basic requirement of our existence and development. To create spiritual wealth for society and become the inheritor of excellent culture is the higher pursuit of our development.

2010 - Present
On March 12, 1957, Comrade Zhu De (middle) determined that the construction of Mianyang electronic industrial zone was concentrated along the Pingzheng Bridge in Xishanguan, Mianyang, which opened the prelude to the construction of Yuejin Road in Mianyang.
In 1958, the state-owned factory No.783 (the predecessor of Jiuzhou ) was built in the south of Pingzheng Bridge, Mianyang County (now Yuejin Road, Mianyang City). We adhered to the construction policy of "Three Simultaneous" namely infrastructure construction, trial production and production" and the production policy of "Three Simultaneous" namely "trial production, improvement and design", and started the construction process of China's radar IFF R & D and production base. On November 25, 1965, the construction project of the state-owned factory no.783 passed the formal acceptance by the state. In 1978, it was named as the national advanced enterprise of "Learning from Daqing in Industry".
In October 1958, the state-owned factory No.783 was built.
On November 25, 1965, accepted by the state and officially put into production.
In May 1978, it was named as Daqing-type enterprise of Sichuan Province and national advanced enterprise of “Learning from Daqing in Industry”.
In 1984, "Jiuzhou" brand TVR-84 all-channel common antenna TV system was successfully developed and put on the market, and quickly became an economic pillar and a key product. The sales volume of the products ranked first in the country, the economic benefit of the factory improved significantly, and the factory got rid of the economic predicament at one stroke. In 1994, we completed the transformation of modern enterprise system, and established Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd. on January 18, 1995.
In December 1986, TVR-84 I type all-channel common antenna TV system won the Sichuan provincial high-quality product award and the provincial science and technology progress award.
In November 1987, Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. was established solely in Shenzhen.
In August 1988, awarded the title of "Provincial Advanced Enterprise" and "Civilized Unit of Sichuan Province" by the People's Government of Sichuan Province.
November 1988, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the state-owned factory No.783 was celebrated.
In March 1991, Jiuzhou ATC I system equipment won the first prize of national major engineering equipment.
In August 1994, Jiuzhou cable TV system was rated as "China Famous Brand".
On January 18, 1995, Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd. was established.
On December 5, 1996, the First Science and Technology Conference of Jiuzhou was held.
From the end of the 1990s to the beginning of the 21st century, we has gradually formed an integrated development pattern guided by strategy, and expanded to ATC, Beidou satellite navigation and other key industries, with rapid growth in scale and many related industries.
In 2002, achieved "double billion" in total industrial output value and income.
In May 2003, listed as one of the top 100 electronic information enterprises in China.
In October 2005, awarded the title of "National Civilized Unit" by the Central Committee of Civilization.
In October 2006, "Jiuzhou" trademark was recognized as China's well-known trademark by the State Trademark Review and Adjudication Board.
In 2007, our total industrial output value and sales revenue exceeded 5 billion yuan.
In November 2008, we celebrated our 50th anniversary.
2010 - Present
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have adapted to the changes of internal and external environment, adhered to innovative development, focused on the core business areas of "high-end equipment" and "smart city", promoted the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, and implemented a new round of comprehensive deepening reform, and achieved fruitful results. In 2016, the Party Committee of Jiuzhou was awarded the title of "National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" by the CPC Central Committee. At the end of 2018, we established the general idea of "Drawing a blueprint to the end, and reorganizing and starting again",and started our comprehensive deepening reform.
In 2010, our total industrial output value, operating revenue and sales revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan.
In December 2011, Jiuzhou Science and Technology Industrial Park was completed.
In 2014, our operating revenue and sales revenue exceeded 20 billion.
In July 2016, the Party committee of Jiuzhou was awarded the title of "National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" by the CPC Central Committee.
On November 16, 2018, we held the innovation and development conference of " Sixty brilliant Years, Striving for a New Era" to release our future development strategy.
In January 2019, we launched a new round of comprehensive deepening reform with the overall idea of "Drawing a blueprint to the end, and reorganizing and starting again", and taking "smooth system, flexible mechanism, scientific decision-making and standardized management" as the goal.
In October 2019, we issued the development strategic plan of Jiuzhou (2020-2025), which defined the "351" strategic goal and "131" business portfolio (“351” target design drawing and “131” business portfolio design drawing).
In June 2020, we solemnly held the innovation and development conference with the theme of "Innovation enabling development, science and technology leading the future", sounding the charge of innovation driven development.
On November 19, 2020, Sichuan Jiuzhou Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. was officially established.

For more than 60 years, we have won high praise from Party committees and governments at all levels, relevant departments and all walks of life. Over the years,  we have been awarded the title of national advanced grass-roots party organization by the CPC Central Committee, the central civilization office, and the National May 1 Labor Award by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. We also have won the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice,  the National Civilized Unit for five consecutive times, and ranked among China's top 100 electronic information companies for 19 consecutive years. We have achieved good economic and social benefits.

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Provincial honor
Industry honor
National Civilized Unit
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Jiuzhou Group Headquarters
Chengdu Jiuzhou Electronic Information System Co., Ltd.
Address: No.765, middle section of Tianfu Avenue, high-tech Zone,Chengdu City,Sichuan Province
Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd.
Address: Jiuzhoue lectric appliance building, No.12 Road, Keji south, high-techZone,Yuehai street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Beijing Jiuzhou Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
Address: 7th floor, Block E, Jinyu Jiahua building, Shangdi 3rd Street, Haidian District, Beijing
Chongqing Jiuzhou Xingyi Navigation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address: 17th Floor, Building NO.2, Tian’an Digital City, No. 101 Cuibai Road, Dadukou District, Chongqing,China
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