Building a Warm Home for Employees

We have thoroughly implemented the status of employees as masters, guided trade union organizations to carry out democratic appraisal of middle-level and above management personnel, held joint meetings of representatives and leaders of employees totally for 7 times, deliberated the company's strategic planning, annual work plan, comprehensive deep reform measures and other matters related to employees' interests, further implemented employees' rights and interests, and gathered development consensus. We have actively carried out varous care activities, helped 61 employees in difficulties, 1 hospitalized employee, 16 model workers and advanced figures, provided education assistance and consolation money to 19 children of employees in difficulty, organized pacesetters and workers in toxic and harmful posts to recuperate in a centralized way, so that the employees felt the care of the company. The micro-assembly and adjustment team of the equipment manufacturing center of the factory No.783 was rated as the "Demonstration Team of Democratic Management of Employees in Sichuan Province". "1958 Jiuzhou Team" participated in the recording of "Happiness Bill" program, which was broadcast on CCTV Variety channel.

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