Responsibility Shown in the Epidemic Situation

Since the COVID-19 epidemic , we have taken on social responsibility. In the critical period of the epidemic, we arranged for the novel epodemic emergency command in Sichuan Province to use and maintain the LEO display screen free of charge, provided urgent support for the anti-epidemic emergency broadcasting system in Changyang County, Yichang City, Hubei Province, and donated 2 million yuan and 100,000  masks to Mianyang City. We have urgently developed a "Major Epidemic Intelligent Prevention and Control Platform for Major Epidemic" , including in the list of information products and services during the epidemic period in Mianyang which are free of charge .We have built special line for transportation of emergency epidemic prevention materials based on the “Beidou +”logistics service platform to ensure the transportation of epidemic prevention materials, that highlight our responsibility as a state-owned enterprise.

According to the actual situation of the enterprise, we have carried out epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner. We have established and improved  internal control process, arranged special personnel to take on epidemic prevention and control , such as massive dragnet screening of physical condition and activity tracks of every employee, and daily disinfections ofkey parts and areas.On the basis of the development of the epidemic and the requirements of overall prevention and control, we have constantly improved and optimized the management, and made the prevention and control measures more accurate and in place.

On February 10, we fully returned to work, with a return rate of 100% of our 36 subsidiaries in Mianyang and a return rate of 98.3% of employees in these enterprises, contributing to enterprise development and local economic construction.

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