Focus on Environmental Protection

"Three Simultaneities" for Construction Projects

The relevant national laws and regulations and the new requirements of "Three Simultaneities" for projects have be conscientiously implemented in the process of project design, construction and use, so as to ensure the intrinsic safety.

Supervision and Audit of ES System

According to the organization structure and functions and responsibilities formed by the deepening reform, we have revised and released the management manual and procedure documents of the company's environment, occupational health and safety management system. We have organized workshop process technicians and safety management personnel to review the identification and evaluation of environmental factors and hazard sources, and determined 80 important environmental factors and 116 important hazard sources at company level. In addition, we have collected and updated the applicable laws and regulations of the company, and updated 17 newly issued, implemented or revised laws, regulations and standards. We have organized to carry out compliance evaluation of our production and operation activities with the requirements of laws, regulations and standards and relevant systems of the company from three aspects of safety, occupational health and environmental protection, which conclusion is coincident. In October, we have successfully obtained the ES system supervision and audit certificate and the new version of occupational health and safety management system certification.

Environmental Protection

We have completed environmental testing and soil monitoring to ensure that the company's waste water, waste gas and other pollutants were discharged up to the relevant standards, and carried out 10 times of company level environmental inspections for the control of important environmental factors, and 7 rectification notices were issued, with the rectification completion rate of 100%. We have also completed the environmental protection acceptance of radiation equipment, obtained the radiation safety license, managed and controlled the whole process of hazardous waste, including generation, transfer and temporary storage, disposed 69.65 tons of hazardous waste throughout the year. We have alsocompleted the environmental statistics of the 13th five year and put it on record in the Bureau of Ecology and Evnironment of Mianyang.

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